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"So long as you do not die and rise again, You Are a stranger to the dark earth." --Goethe

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PDF Files:

A Review of Transpersonal Theory and Its Application to the Practice of Psychotherapy, Mark C. Kasprow, M.D., Bruce W. Scotton, M.D.
Hallucinogenic Drugs and Plants in Psychotherapy and Shamanism, Ralph Metzner
Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25, D.B. Blewett, Ph.D. and N. Chwelos, M.D.
Psychotherapy with lysergic acid dietitylamide, Betty Grover Eisner, Ph.D., Sidney Cohen, M.D.
The Psychedelic Mystical Experience in the Human Encounter With Death, Walter N. Pahnke
The Therapeutic Use of MDMA, Greer GR, Tolbert R
Phenomenology and sequelae of MDMA use, Liester MB, Grob CS, Bravo GL, Walsh RN
From Sacred Plants to Psychotherapy, Dr. Ben Sessa
The Psychedelic Experience - A New Concept in Psychotherapy, J.N. Sherwood, M.D., M.J. Stolaroff, W.W. Harman, Ph.D.
Are Psychedelics Useful in the Practice of Buddhism?, M.J. Stolaroff
Manual for Ibogaine Therapy: Screening, Safety, Monitoring & Aftercare, Howard S. Lotsof & Boaz Wachtel
Hitting Highs at Rock Bottom: LSD Treatment for Alcoholism, 1950–1970, Erika Dyck
Chronic Administration of SerotonergicAntidepressants Attenuates the Subjective Effects of LSD in Humans, Bonson, Buckholtz and Murphy
Clarifying the Confusion Regarding LSD-25, Savage, C., and M. J. Stolaroff.
LSD Therapy in Dutch Psychiatry: Changing Socio-Political Settings and Medical Sets, Snelders and Kaplan
LSD: Side Effects and Complications, Cohen
The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogens, Abraham, Aldridge, Gogia
Clinical Investigations of the Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca: Rationale and Regulatory Challenges, Dennis J. McKenna
The Healing Potential of Agony & Ecstacy, Claudio Naranjo
Experience With The Interpersonal Psychedelics, Claudio Naranjo
MDA, The Drug of Analysis, Claudio Naranjo
MMDA and the Eternal Now, Claudio Naranjo
Holotropic Breathwork: The Potential Role of a Prolonged, Voluntary Hyperventilation Procedure as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy, Joseph P. Rhinewine, ph.d., and Oliver J. Williams, b.a.
The Transpersonal Model of the Psyche: Some implications for psychotherapy and psychiatry, Dr. Tim Read
Ketamine: Peril and Promise, R. Andrew Sewell, MD
Unauthorized Research on Cluster Headache, R. Andrew Sewell, M.D.
Response of cluster headache to psilocybin and LSD, R. Andrew Sewell, John H. Halpern and Harrison G. Pope, Jr
The Sacred Voyage: a holotropic perspective on mental health, Lars Faber and Maria Groot
LSD-supported Psychotherapy: Effects on daily life and longterm changes, Katharina Kirchner    

Articles and research papers:

Transpersonal Healing with Hallucinogens, Roger Marsden and David Lukoff
Sacred Work in a Secular World: Guided, Structured, Group Use of Entheogenic Substances, Roger Marsden
Entheogens and Psychotherapy, Andrew Feldmar
Using Psychedelics Wisely, Myron Stolaroff
Transpersonal development, Crisis of the spiritual development, prof. Roberto Assagioli
Comments on the Psilocybin Mushroom, Elfstone
Review of Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25, Myron Stolaroff
The Nature of the MDMA Experience and Its Role in Healing, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Practice, Sophia Adamson and Ralph Metzner
Radar to the Infinite: Holotropic Breathwork and the Integral Vision, by Martin Boroson
The use of psychedelics in Dutch psychiatry 1950-1970: The problem of continuity and discontinuity, Stephen Snelders
Ibogaine: Fantasy and Reality, The Healing journey: Chapter V , Claudio C. Naranjo
Ibogaine in the treatment of chemical dependence disorders: Clinical perspectives, H.S. Lotsof
LSD Psychotherapy - Preface to the 1994 Edition, Stanislav Grof
Can Drugs Be Used to Enhance the Psychotherapeutic Process?, Lester Grinspoon, M.D., and James B. Bakalar
Therapeutic Applications of LSD and Related Drugs, Masters & Houston
LSD Psychotherapy and Addictions, Grof & Halifax
Treatment of Alcoholism with Psychedelic Therapy, Abram Hoffer
Treatment of Childhood Schizophrenia Utilizing LSD and Psilocybin, Gary Fisher, Ph.D.
Successful Outcome of a Single LSD Treatment in a Chronically Dysfunctional Man, Gary Fisher, Ph.D.
The Use of Psychedelic Agents with Autistic Schizophrenic Children, Robert E. Mogar & Robert W. Aldrich
The History of Psychedelic Therapy with the Dying, Grof & Halifax
Mescaline, LSD, Psilocybin, and Personality Change, Sanford M. Unger
The Psychotomimetic Drugs: An Overview, Jonathan O. Cole & Martin M. Katz
Criticisms of LSD Therapy and Rebuttal, Abram Hoffer & Humphry Osmond
The Future of LSD Psychotherapy, Stanislav Grof
E for Ecstasy: Chapter 9: Psychotherapeutic use in Switzerland, Nicholas Saunders
Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Spirituality, Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Ketamine and Quantum Psychiatry, Dr. K.L.R. Jansen
MDMA Psychotherapy: An Annotated Bibliography, R Stuart
Pahnke's "Good Friday Experiment": A Long-Term Follow-Up and Methodological Critique, Rick Doblin
The Albert Hofmann Collection: complete archive of historical LSD and psilocybin journal articles, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Erowid
A Psychospiritual Context for the Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics, Richard Spurgeon, M.A
Beyond Psychotic Experience, Stan Grof interviewed by Jon Atkinson
Ken Wilber's Spectrum Psychology, By Stanislav Grof, M.D.
On Being Stoned: A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication, Charles T. Tart, Ph. D.
Perception and Knowledge: Reflections on Psychological and Spiritual Learning in the Psychedelic Experience, Frances E. Vaughan
The Psychedelic Drug Therapies, Lester Grinspoon, M.D., James B. Bakalar
MDMA and Personal Growth, By Myron Stolaroff
Mavericks of the Mind: An Interview with Dr. Rick Strassman, David Jay Brown
Mavericks of the Mind: An Interview with with Laura Huxley, David Jay Brown
Birth Trauma, Claustrophobia and LSD Therapy, Dr. Frank Lake
Mysticism and Psychedelics: The Case of the Dark Night, Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D.
An Interview With Chris M. Bache, Ph.D.
A Perinatal Interpretation of Frightening Near-Death Experiences: A Dialogue with Kenneth Ring, Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D.
A Reappraisal of Teresa of Avila's Supposed Hysteria,Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D.
The Psychotherapeutic Use of Psychodysleptic Drugs,Gary Fisher Ph.D. and Joyce Martin M.D.
Psychotherapy for the Dying: Principles and Illustrative Cases With Special Reference to the Use of LSD, Gary Fisher, Ph.D.
Book review of The Million-Dollar Mermaid: Autobiography of Esther Williams with D. Diehl, John A. Speyrer
Ibogaine: Therapeutic Miracle?, Don Allan
Ibogaine: The End of Primal Therapy?, John A. Speyrer
Book Review of LSD Psychotherapy: Exploring the Frontiers of the Hidden Mind by Stanislav Grof, M.D., John A. Speyrer
The Spirit Vine, Daniel Mirante
Grace and Madness - Curanderismo - Mestizo Ayahuasca, Alan Shoemaker
Provoked Life: An Essay On The Anthropology Of The Ego, Gottfried Benn, translated by Ralph Metzner
Wise Mind - A Case for the Integration of Subjective Experience with Objective Reality in the Age of Fragmentation, Flore Singer Aaslid
Post-Modern Monk and Modern Shaman: The Theories of Ken Wilber and Stan Grof, Stephen Dinan
Psychointegrator Plants: Their Roles in Human Culture, Consciousness and Health, Michael Winkelman
Shamanism, Traditional Medicine and Drug Dependency in the Peruvian Upper Amazon, Jamie J.C. Moir
Psychedelic, Psychoactive and Addictive drugs and States of Consciousness, Ralph Metzner, Ph.D
Psychiatric research with hallucinogens: What have we learned?, Charles S. Grob, M.D.
Psychonautics: A Model and Method for Exploring the Subjective Effects of Psychoactive Drugs, Russell Newcombe & Ms. Michelle Johnson
Lucy In the Sky, With Therapists, Kristen Philipkoski
Clinical Experience with MDMA, An Interview with Rick Ingrasci, MD MP
Stan Grof: Journey into the Holo-deck of the Unconscious, Diego Pignatelli
Kundalini: The Reawakening of the Serpent, Diego Pignatelli
The Peace Drug (experimental therapy with MDMA), Tom Shroder, editor of Washington Post Magazine
Holotropic Breathwork And the Politics of Consciousness Revolution, Mickel Adzema
The Discovery of Mushrooms That Cause Strange Visions, R. Gordon Wasson in Life Magazine (1957)
Foundations of Psychedelic Studies, Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.
Nemu’s End: chapter The Pores of Deception, Danny Nemu

Audio and Video:

Ecstasy, The Peace Drug?, a conversation with Tom Shroder and Dr. Michael Mithoefer
Treating Childhood Schizophrenia With LSD and Psilocybin, a conversation with Gary Fisher
Psychedelic Psychotherapy and the Shadow, a talk by Ann Shulgin
Transpersonal Psychopharmacology: The Re-Emergence of Sacred Sacraments as Modern Medicine [Part 1] [Part 2], Dr. John Halpern
Hallucinogens and Transpersonal Medicine [Part 1] [Part 2], Dr. Charles Grob
Therapeutic or Psychedelic Psychotherapy, John Halpern and Michael Mitthoefer
The Politics of Psychedelic Research, John Gilmore
Stolaroff: Lone Pine Stories, Jean and Myron Stolaroff talk about their pioneering work with psychedelic medicine
The Future of Human Consciousness, Myron Stolaroff in Basil, Switzerland on the occasion of Dr. Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Micheal Mithoefer on Psychedelic Salon
The Healing Potential of Non-ordinary States of Consciousness, an interview with Stanislav Grof Stan by author Alan Davidson
LSD Psychotherapy - An interview with Dr. Stanislav Grof, an interview by Jan Irvin from Gnostic Media
Future Primitive: Ibogaine Association and Awakening in the Dream, an interview with facilitator Rocky Caravelli
Future Primitive: Bwiti iboga root healing and initiation, an interview with Moughenda
Future Primitive: Black Smoke: A Woman’s Journey of Healing, Wild Love and Transformation in the Amazon, an interview with Margaret De Wys
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part I.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part II.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part III.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part IV.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part V.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part VI.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part VII.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part VIII.
Psychonautica: Stanislav Grof: Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey, part IX.
The Intelligent Use of Sacred Substances, lecture by Jim Fadiman at ITP
Charles Grob, M.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. and Rick Doblin, Ph.D., interview by Rak Razam at Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference
Sasha Shulgin, Ph.D., Carolyn Garcia, Alex and Allyson Grey, interview by Rak Razam at Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference
Stan Grof, M.D. and Nick Sand, interview by Rak Razam at Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference
Interview with an Ayahuasca Curandero interview by Stephen Gray
Returning To Sacred World: sacred plants in this journey of awakening and healing, Stephen Gray interviewed by Robert Phoenix
Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5], Stanislav Grof
The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4], Dr. Christopher Wiegand
Psychonauts, documentary by András Kovács M.
Other Worlds , Ayahuasca documentary by Jan Kounen
Psychedelics in Eden, video programme / lecture by Peter Webster
Holotropic Breathing, Stanislav Grof
Something has to Die to be Reborn, Stanislav Grof
Preview of Interview with Stan Grof, Stanislav Grof
Blueberry Ayahuasca Visions, Blueberry film excerpt
Demitri on Ibogaine with Paul DeRienzo
Ibogaine – Rite of Passage, documentary trailer
The Tribe: Babongo, BBC documentary focused on Iboga ceremonies
Entheogen: Awakening the divine within, documentary trailer
Hofmann's Potion - LSD Documentary, documentary
Sacred weeds:Salvia divinorum, documentary
THE MEDICINE: Science & Psychedelics, documentary trailer about psychedelic research (website, facebook page)
BBC Horizon: Psychedelic Science, documentary
Ibogaine – Rite of Passage, documentary by Ben De Loenen
Stepping into the Fire, documentary
LSD:The Spring Grove Experiment, CBS documentary    

Handling difficult experiences:

L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp) for LSD-induced psychosis, Abraham, H. D.
Nicotinic acid (vitamin b3) modified lysergic acid diethylamide psychosis, Agnew N, Hoffer A
Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences, with Donna Dryer, M.D.
Psychedelic Crisis FAQ, by Erowid
Crisis Intervention in Situations Related to Unsupervised Use of Psychedelics, Stanislav Grof    

Book suggestions:

Free Digital Books, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)
Free Books on Psychedelics , The Psychedelic Library
The very best of Psychedelic therapy, list list by Red Tailed Hawk
Therapeutic use of psychedelics, List list by econoshamanic
Recommended Resources Directory, recommended reading list by Association of Holotropic Breathwork International
LSD The Problem-Solving Psychedelic, P.G. Stafford and B.H. Golightly
The Psychedelic Experience, Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., & Richard Alpert, Ph.D.
Psychedelic Information Theory, James Kent
States of Consciousness, Charles T. Tart, Ph. D.
The knowledge of the womb: Autopsychognosia with psychedelic drugs, Athanassios Kafkalides
The power of the womb and the subjective truth, Athanassios Kafkalides
Drug, Set, and Setting: The Basis for Controlled Intoxicant Use, Norman E. Zinberg M.D.
The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley
The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience, R.E.L. Masters & Jean Houston, Ph.D.
Journeys Into the Bright World: Pioneering a New Patch to Higher Consciousness, Marcia Moore and Howard Alltounian, M.D.
The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness, Alan W. Watts, Foreword by Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert
Psychedelic Medicine: New Evidence for Hallucinogenic Substances as Treatments (flyer / book overview), Michael J. Winkelman, Ph.D. and Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D
Psychedelic Horizons (The Lancet review), Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D
The Albert Hofmann Collection: LSD & Psilocybin References
Hausner, Milan. (2009). LSD: The Highway to Mental Health
Transpersonal Psychology and Psychedelics Ebooks, huge selection of extremely useful and popular books and journals in a digital format.

Website suggestions:
The Psychedelic Library
Psychedelic Press UK

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